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Zhang Deqiang
   Vice-director of Dinghushan Forest Ecosystem Research Station
Highest Education  
   South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences,723 Xingke Road, Tianhe District,Guangzhou, China, 510650
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Education and Appointments:
Resume:Present Professional title and Institute: {Ecological professor of South China Botanic Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), vice-director of DingHushan forest ecosystem research station, Chinese Ecosystem Research Net(CERN), CAS. Vice-director of national field research station of Dinghushan forest ecosystem, China}.; Research Areas: {Environmental Pollution ecology; Biogeochemistry and global carbon cycle; Forest Ecosystem nutrient cycles; Lately,mainly focus on respondences and acclimation of forests ecosystem to environmental change/global change, including soil respiration and carbon budget(carbon cycles, carbon flux, carbon transfer, carbon sediment)}. Education:{ 1992-1~6 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Branch (English Training Course); 1984-1989 South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China; B.A., Botany (Specialized in plant ecology); 1980-1983: College School of Science & Technology of Guangdong, China, Major in Analytical Chemistry;} Professional Experience {04/2002-10/2002 Senior visiting scholar, Department of Botany & Microbiology,Oklahoma University, USA; 07/2003-01/2005 Senior visiting scholar Department of Botany & Microbiology,Oklahoma University ,USA}. More than 80 papers have been published, of which 20 papers were published in journals of Science Citation Index.

Research Interest:
Ecosystem Ecology
Public Services:

Contributor (No.3) of the second prize of the national nature science achievement award of China (2008);Contributor (No.3) of the first prize of the nature science achievement award of Guangdong Province (2006);Contributor (No.3) of the third prize of the science and technology achievement award by the National Environmental Protection Agency (2006) .
Selected Publication:
Zhang Deqiang,et al.,Seasonal dynamics of soil CO2 effluxes with responses to environmental factors in lower subtropical forest of China. Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences. 2006,49(Supp.II):139--149. Luo Yiqi,Hui Dafeng,Zhang Deqiang. Elevated co2 stimulates net accumulations of carbon and nitrogen in land ecosystems:A meta-analysis. Ecology. 2006,87(1):53--63.

Supported Projects:
(1)PI in “Respondences and Acclimation of Soil Respiration to Heat and Water Seasonal Distribution Patterns in Subtropical Forests(30570350)”. funded by CNSF(China National Science Foundation) (250,000 RMB, on going); (2) Knowledge Innovation Program: “Carbon Cycling of Typical Forest Ecosystem in Lower Subtropical of China(KSCX1-SW-120)” funded by CAS. PI in “ Carbon Stockpile and Transport in Soil Branch System and Hydrological Process” (500,000 RMB, On going); (3)Knowledge Innovation Program: “Study on Carbon Budget in Terrestrial and Marginal Sea Ecosystems of China (CBTSEC, KZCX1-SW-01)” funded by CAS. PI in “ Carbon Flux of Typical Forest Floor in Lower Subtropical of China” (623,000 RMB, On going); (4)Co-PI in “Selection and Application of Plant Species suitable for City Environment” funded by local government (178,000RMB, Finished in 2004);(5)Co-PI in “Studies on Dinghushan Natural Ecosystem Protection, Maintaining and Monitoring”, Funded by US-JAPAN-CHINA International Cooperation Agency. (¥200,000RMB Finished in 2002); (6) Forest Ecosystem Optimization Model Establishment and Its Formation Mechanism funded by CAS. Co-PI in “Studies on Ecology System Optimization and Formation Mechanism of South China Subtropical Forest” (180,000RMB.Finished in 2000); (7) PI in “Case-Study of High-Quality Cow-Feeding Grasses Cultivated on Degraded Slope Lands”. Funded by US-Japan-China International Agency (210,000RMB.Finished in 2001)
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