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Qu Hongxia
Highest Education  
   Xingkelu723, Guangzhou 510650
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Education and Appointments:

Research Interest:
Energy metabolism and regulation in senescent fruit,Postharvest biology and technology
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Selected Publication:

“*” Corresponding author

1.Liu J, Li FJ, Shan YX, Zhou YJ, Liang L, Qu HX*, Jiang YM*, Chen JJ. Determination of H+ and Ca2+ fluxes in cold-stored banana fruit using non-invasive micro-test technology. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2019, 153:169-175.

2.Wu QX, Zhu XR, Zhang ZK, Qu HX, Gao HJ, Jiang YM, Duan XW, Zhu H, Yun Z*. Comparative profiling of primary metabolites and volatile compounds in Satsuma mandarin flavedo after ozone treatment. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2019, 153:1-12.

3.Li TT, Shi DD, Wu QX, Zhang ZK, Qu HX, Jiang YM*. Sodium para-aminosalicylate delays pericarp browning of litchi fruit by inhibiting ROS-mediated senescence during postharvest storage. Food Chemistry, 2019, 278:552-559.

4.Zhu H*, Zhang Y, Tang RF, Qu HX, Duan XW, Jiang YM. Banana sRNAome and degradome identify microRNAs functioning in differential responses to temperature stress. BMC Genomics, 2019, 20:33.

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6. Li TT#, Wu QX#, Wang Y, John A, Qu HX, Gong L, Duan XW, Zhu H, Yun Z*, Jiang YM. Application of proteomics for the investigation of the effect of initial pH on pathogenic mechanisms of Fusarium proliferatum on banana fruit. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017, 8, 2327.

7. Jian QJ, Gong L, Li TT, Wang Y, Wu Y, Chen F, Qu HX, Duan XW, Jiang YM*. Rapid assessment of the toxicity of fungal compounds using luminescent Vibrio qinghaiensis sp. Q67. Toxins, 2017, 9, 335.

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13.Yun Z#, Qu HX#Wang H, Zhu F, Liu T, Zhang ZK, Duan XW, Yang B, Cheng YJ and Jiang YM*. Comparative transcriptome and metabolome provides new insights into the regulatory mechanisms of accelerated senescence in litchi fruit after cold storage. Scientific Reports2016, 6: 19356Co-first author.

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