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HUANG Zhongliang
Highest Education  
   Dinghushan Arboretum, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, P.R.China
   0758 2621169
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Education and Appointments:
Born date: 08/07,1957. Graduated from Zhongnan Forestry College and got a bachelor degree in 1982. Have been worked in Dinghushan nature reserve (Dinghushan Arboretum), South China Institute of Botany(South China Botanic Garden), the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1982 and got a PhD degree. Visited Nature Resource Management of University of New England in 1989-1990, and visited Nature Resource -Ecology laboratory of Colorado State University from December of 1996 to June of 1997. Was promoted to Assistant researcher professor in 1987 and promoted to associate researcher professor in 1993, promoted to researcher professor in 1998.

Research Interest:
Biodiversity Conservation
Public Services:

Selected Publication:
So far, published 112 papers. Three of them are: 1. Li Lin, Huang Z.L., Ye W. H., et al. Spatial patterns of tree species in a subtropical forest of China. Oikos. 495_502, 2009.111. 2. Li L., Wei S.G., Huang Z.L., Ye W. H., Cao H. L. Spatial patterns and interspecific associations of three canopy species at different life stages in a subtropical forest, China. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. (2008,50(90).110. 3.Yan Jun Du ,Zhong liang Huang, et al. 2008. Effects of seed mass and emergence time on seedling performance in Castanopsis chinensis. Forest Ecology and Manage.

Supported Projects:
Have been in charge of 23 research programs and took part in other 25 research programs, including biodiversity monitoring and research, Ecotourism in DHS.
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