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Yang Haibing
Highest Education  
   Ph D
   723 Xingke Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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Education and Appointments:

Academic Record

Ph.D.  Plant Science , University of Connecticut,  2006

M.S. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, China Agriculture University, 2001                

B.S. Biology, Nanchang University, 1998

Dates and rank of appointments held

2018-       Professor, SCBG, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010-2018   Research Plant Biologist, Purdue University

2006-2010   Postdoctoral Fellow, Purdue University

2002-2006   Graduate Research Assistant, University of Connecticut

2001-2002   Research Scientist, Beijing Genomic Institute

Research Interest:

My future research interests are centered on plant cell structures such as cell wall and plasma membranes and their roles in plant growth, nutrition uptake and storage, and adaptation to abiotic stresses. Plant cell wall and the plasma membrane are two outmost layers of the plant cells. Together they conduct many important functions including protection, transport, signaling and cell expansion etc. Specifically, I will develop my research program in Arabidopsis, rice and soybean systems along the following primary lines: 1. The role of  the plant cell wall in cell adhesion and growth. 2. The role of cell wall and membrane transport in plant development and stress response.

Public Services:
PlosONE editor

Selected Publication:
  1. Shiga TM, Xiao W, Yang H, Zhang X, Olek AT, Donohoe BS, Liu J, Makowski L, Hou T, McCann MC, Carpita NC, Mosier NS. (2017) Enhanced rates of enzymatic saccharification and catalytic synthesis of biofuel substrates in gelatinized cellulose generated by trifluoroacetic acid. Biotechnol Biofuels. 10:310. doi: 10.1186/s13068-017-0999-2
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  3. Sun L-J, Xie Y, Yan Y-F, Yang H, Gu H-Y, Bao N. (2017) Paper-based analytical devices for direct electrochemical detection of free IAA and SA in plant samples with the weight of several milligrams. Sensors and Actuators B: 247: 336-342.
  4. Yang H, Wei H, Ma G, Antunes M, Cox J, Zhang X, Liu X, Himmel ME, Tucker MP, McCann MC, Murphy AS, Peer WA. (2016) Cell wall targeted in planta delivery of iron enhances both biomass conversion and nutrition in Arabidopsis and rice. Plant Biotechnology J. 14(10): 1998-2009.
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