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Chen Yousheng
Highest Education  
   723, Xingke Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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Education and Appointments:


1991.9-1995, Central China Normal University, Bachelor degree;

1995-1998Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences Master degree;

2002-2006, Institute of BotanyChinese Academy of Sciences, Ph. D. degree.

Work experience

1998.8-2018.8, Institute of BotanyChinese Academy of Sciences

20171月-12月,Visiting scholar

2018.9South China Botanical Garden.

Research Interest:
Plant taxonomy (especially Asteraceae, Violaceae, Aceraceae), plant species diversity; Plant Species Red List
Public Services:

Editor of Phytotaxa and Biodiversity Science.

Selected Publication:

1.      Chen Y. S. 2015. Flora of Pan-Himalaya, volume 48(2). Asteraceae II: Saussurea. Science Press and Cambridge University Press. 345 pp.

2.      Chen YS, QE Yang, H Ohba, V. Nikitin 2007, Violaceae. Pp. 72–111. In: Wu CY, P. Raven, Hong DY. (eds.). Flora of China, Vol. 13. Beijing: Science Press; St. Louis: Missouri Botanical Garden Press.

3.      Shi Z., Y. L. Chen, Y. S. Chen, Y. R. Lin, S. W. Liu, X. J. Ge, T. G. Gao, S. X. Zhu, Y. Liu, Q. E. Yang, C. J. Humphries, E. von Raab-Straube, M. G. Gilbert, B. Nordenstam, N. Kilian, L. Brouillet, I. D. Illarionova, D. J. N. Hind, C. Jeffrey, R. J. Bayer, J. Kirschner, W. Greuter, A. A. Anderberg, J. C. Semple, J. ?těpánek, S. E. Freire, L. Martins, H. Koyama, T. Kawahara, L. Vincent, A. P. Sukhorukov, E. V. Mavrodiev, G. Gottschlich. 2011Asteraceae (Compositae). Pp. 1--894 in: Z. Y. Wu, P. H. Raven & D. Y. Hong, eds., Flora of China, Volume 20–21. Science Press (Beijing) & Missouri Botanical Garden Press (St. Louis).

4.      Xu TZ, YS Chen, PC de Jong, HJ Oterdoom, 2008. Aceraceae. Pp. 515–553. In: Wu CY., P. Raven, Hong DY. (eds.). Flora of China, Vol. 11. Beijing: Science Press; St. Louis: Missouri Botanical Garden Press.

5.      Chen Y. S., Q. Yuan, 2015. Twenty-six new species of Saussurea (Asteraceae, Cardueae) from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and adjacent regions. Phytotaxa 213(3): 159211.

6.      Liu Y., Y. S. Chen*, Q. E. Yang, 2013. Generic status, circumscription, and allopolyploid origin of Faberia (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) as revealed by ITS and chloroplast DNA sequence data. Taxon 62: 1235–1247.

7.      Yuan, Q., B. Y. Chao, Y. S. Chen*, 2015. Diplazoptilon (Asteraceae) is merged with Saussurea based on evidence from morphology and molecular systematics. Phytotaxa 236: 53–61.

Supported Projects:


1)    Systematic studies of genus Saussurea (Asteraceae)”, National Natural Science Foundation of China;

2)    Taxonomic revision of Saussurea subgenus Amphilaena and Eriocoryne”, National Natural Science Foundation of China;

3)    Taxonomic revision Acer section Palmata s.l.”, National Natural Science Foundation of China;

4)    Flora of Pan-Himalaya” project, National Natural Science Foundation of Chinawork for the catalogue of Pan-Himalaya region, research on Asteraceae (part), Violaceae and Acer.

5)    Flora of China” project, National Natural Science Foundation of Chinaresearch on Asteraceae (part), Violaceae and Aceraceae.

6)    China Species Red List” (2004), responsible for Plant Red List;

7) In situ and ex situ conservation of critically endangered species Acer yangbiense and Acer leipoense”, Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) project.


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